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Meinl Classics Custom Dark Crash Cymbal 19"
Full frequency range with a wide, full spread. Explosive attack, strong projection with a touch of warmth due to additional hammering.
List Price: $365.00
Meinl Classics Custom Dark Splash Cymbal 10"
Quick and explosive build up with a noticeably dark undertone. A short sustain for instant accents.
List Price: $148.00
Meinl HCS China Cymbal 16”
Explosive, brash and bright attack with deep, dark and trashy undertones.
List Price: $126.00
Meinl HCS Crash Cymbal 18"
Smooth attack with a medium sustain. Complex spread with a warm feel.
List Price: $144.00
Meinl HCS Cymbal Package / 14" Hi-Hats / 18" Crash-Ride
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The MEINL HCS cymbal set-ups and individual cymbals are an entry level cymbal line that combine quality and value. They are made from MS63 alloy fo...
List Price: $300.00
Meinl HCS Hi-Hats 14"
A versatile hihat in medium weight. Warm, clean sound and an articulate open hihat.
List Price: $170.00
Meinl HCS Ride Cymbal 20"
Clean, warm sound, with a defined ping and nice bell. Good for all situations.
List Price: $165.00
Meinl HCS Splash Cymbal 12"
Immediate, cutting bright response. Perfect for fast accents.
List Price: $74.00
Meinl HCS Trash Stack Cymbal 16"
Equipped with holes that boost trashiness and bite, these two new unique trash stacks deliver a fast and aggressive stack sound with a short sustai...
List Price: $256.00
Meinl MCS Splash Cymbal 10"
Very bright, clear and penetrating effect sound with a fast attack and short sustain.  
List Price: $90.00
Sabian AAX Medium Crash Cymbal 16"
The 16″ AAX Medium Crash from SABIAN introduces a whole new palette of sound to the AAX line.
List Price: $457.00
Sabian AAX Stage Ride Cymbal 20"
The ultimate balance of bright stick definition, pure tone, and a controllable amount of wash make this a highly effective and versatile model.
List Price: $488.00
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