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NUX Dual Footswitch Pedal
The NMP-2 is a universal dual switch controller with OPEN, CLOSE and LATCH modes, and it's a combination of momentary and latch type controller...
NUX Fet Boost Pedal
Lacerate is a mini pedal with a huge boost! The unbelievably simple user-interface comes from our complex Dual FET Circuit Design, but don'...
List Price: $75.00
NUX MG400 Guitar Multi-FX Pedal
The NUX MG-400 is a value packed modeler akin to his little brother, the MG-300. MG-400 houses 2 powerful DSP chips for high-definition White-Box A...
List Price: $279.00
NUX Morningstar Blues Breaker Overdrive Pedal
Engage the Morning Star foot-switch to add more overhead with saturated grit to your clean tones, and if you wanna’ boost your high-frequenci...
List Price: $75.00
NUX NDD3 Edge Delay Pedal
Clear, studio-quality digital delays, Saturated and flucuating sounds of tape delay machines, and warm, fuzzy analog style repeats.  
List Price: $95.00
NUX NOD-1 Horseman Overdrive Mini-Pedal
One of the most sought-after dual overdrive pedals produced in the mid '90s is now in one unique pedal design-with a pocket size. 
List Price: $78.00
NUX RECTO Distortion Pedal
The NUX RECTO DISTORTION pedal from the Reissue Series as a heavy distortion sound with tight bass response.
List Price: $69.99
NUX Tube Man MK-II Overdrive Pedal
Genuine Tube-like sound that makes it more than your average Tube Screamer!   More gain! That was the overall goal. If you're...
List Price: $59.00
NUX XTCOD Bogner OD Pedal
-The overdrive tone from the red channel of the boutique amplifier. -Pure Analog Circuit. Analog Pedal Footswitch. -Smooth and Dynamic Distorti...
List Price: $69.00
Ortega Seadevil Pedal Tuner & Light
1 of 3
LET THERE BE LIGHT… on your pedal board. The first pedal board tuner with USB connectable LED lights (included!)
List Price: $89.90
Peavey Sanpera I Vypyr Amplifier Foot Controller
1 of 5
The Sanpera I is a foot controlled for the Vypyr series of Peavey guitar amps.
List Price: $199.99
Tomsline Dumbler Dumble Amp Simulator Pedal
Dumble amps are among the rarest and most expensive boutique amps ever made. Fortunately for musicians who don’t have the cash to blow on a b...
List Price: $94.50
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