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Percussion Mallets

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American Drum KC1 Soft Yarn Vibraphone Mallets

List Price: $45.00
American Drum KC3 Soft Yarn Vibraphone Mallets

List Price: $45.00
American Drum KR2 Medium Rubber Keyboard Mallets

List Price: $36.00
American Drum KY1 Soft Yarn Marima Mallets
Yellow crocheted yarn on a 15" tough, black nylon shaft. When the yarn wears out, you have a brand new KR1 mallet underneath!
List Price: $45.00
American Drum MB4 Keyboard Mallets
To support the fact that high-end keyboards respond more generously with mallet heads harder than medium, these MB4s will punctuate with CAPITAL L...
List Price: $51.00
Innovative Percussion FB-3 Medium Marching Bass Drum Mallet
The Field Series Marching Bass Drum Mallets again feature our unique and innovative "fulcrum notched" heartwood hickory shaft creating a...
List Price: $66.75
Innovative Percussion FT-1 Multi-Tom Mallet
The FT-1 features a nylon head built on a heartwood hickory shaft featuring our unique Fulcrum Notch handle design.  This design is...
List Price: $49.50
Innovative Percussion FT-1AH Multi-Tom Mallet
The Field Series Muilt-tom Mallets features a unique design and unsurpassed balance, making them an essential tool for today’s marching percu...
List Price: $55.00
Innovative Percussion IP-5AM Multi-Stick
The IP-5AM Multi Stick is crafted by adding a 1" felt ball to the butt end of a 5A stick. Extremely useful for when you need to switch timbre...
Innovative Percussion TS-TJ
The TS-TJ Tenor Stick was designed by Innovative Percussion artist Tim Jackson. Tim is currently the Battery Coordinator for the Bluecoats Drum an...
Ludwig -Double Ball- Bass Drum Mallet
“Double Ball” Soft Black Pile on Wooden Shaft.
List Price: $138.00
Ludwig L309 Payson -Roller Model- Bass Drum Mallet
White soft pile, hard felt inner core wrapped in layers of medium felt, hard maple handle. The legendary Payson mallets will give you the tone and ...
List Price: $76.00
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