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It is agreed:

  1. That the rental payments shall commence as of the Contract Date specified above and continue each month thereafter, with payments being made directly to S.S.E. Music in the amount and by the day specified each month, otherwise incurring all necessary late fees;
  2. That the full title and ownership of the above instrument shall remain with S.S.E. Music for the duration of the rental period;
  3. That the undersigned (renter) will retain the instrument at the home address(es) indicated above or the school/location of le ssons AND that such locations cannot be changed without the written consent of S.S.E. Music;
  4. That the undersigned (renter) may discontinue renting at any time AND that it is the undersigned’s (renter’s) responsibility to return the above instrument to S.S.E. Music at the time when they wish to discontinue renting AND that the monthly rental charges will continue unless and until the rental instrument has been received by S.S.E. Music;
  5. That, should the above instrument be lost or stolen, S.S.E. Music has the option to replace it with an equivalent instrument
    free of charge ONLY IF the undersigned (renter) provides S.S.E. Music with a valid police report; Damage and standard maintenance is also covered by S.S.E. Music during the duration of the rental agreement, provided the agreement is not in default. Damage deemed to be vandalism through malicious intent or gross negligence are subject to immediate forfeiture of the rights stated within this contract. The right to delineate between damage and vandalism lies solely with S.S.E. Music’s repair staff and management.
  6. That S.S.E. Music has the option at any time to terminate this contract if the undersigned (renter) is in default as defined in No. 425.103(2) of Wisconsin Statutes AND in such an event the undersigned (renter) agrees to promptly return the above rented instrument to S.S.E. Music or make the above rented instrument available for pickup by S.S.E. Music;
  7. That, should the contract be in default for any reason, the undersigned (renter) shall be responsible for any legal restitution of the
    above merchandise and/or for the collection of monies past due;
  8. That the undersigned (renter) has the option to purchase the above rental instrument for the retail price of the instrument less all pre-tax rent paid within the first ____ months of the contract. This option may be exercised only if this rental contract is not in default.

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